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Beginners Guide [2]

Here's a general beginner's village guide. Both this and others may need adapting depending on your location on the map and the current situation – for example if you are under the threat of attack, you will want to make more defensive troops, etc.

1. Boost your resource pits non-stop, with iron two levels below the other two. When the villages around you come out of beginner protection, you want to have a force of spear fighters ready to start raiding them. So let someone with an army scan the good prospects for farming to see when they come out of the beginner's protection. Any village near or below 120 points are good targets, along with abandoned villages.

2. Build up spear fighters and raid away. Make around 100 swordsmen for defense. Build your wall up to level 5 and continue to upgrade your resources pits. Afterwards, build a marketplace (up to levels 4-5) and trade for resources whenever you're in need of something. Offer 1:1 if you need to. Ignore axemen for now.

3. When you reach about 20/20/18 in your timber/clay/iron pits , upgrade your HQ to 10, then your barracks and smithy to 5. Build a stable (up to level 3 to research light cavalry) and start making some scouts and light cavalry. Scout like crazy everyone who looks like a mark around you - this is: everyone up to like half your points. Scout many screens away around you, not just your immediate vicinity! Then you farm with light cavalry, with the resources they bring you from raids, you build more light cavalry; let this become a vicious circle and you are going strong. Don't bother too much with more swords/spears than 200-300 unless you really need to. Same with further wall upgrades.

4. Then around 25/25/24 - 27/27/26 (only go higher the less you can farm in your area; the less you can farm, the higher you need to have your resources before you proceed) you upgrade HQ to 20 (first), then market to 10 and then smithy to 20. Now around this time you will have an excess of resources because those buildings cost very little and take long; so now you start to mass an army 24/7. Make axemen now too. Oh, and when your smithy is level 12 you build a workshop (up to level 2) and start massing rams and catapults (like 75 of each at least). Also do all the upgrades in the smithy.

5. Make your noble and start conquering someone's village.

Now that we are progressing into later stages of the game, here is a follow-up to the cookie cutter build - a standard guidelines strategy guide.

To recap. If you haven't run into too much trouble (no one kicking your ass, not gotten into big fights or becoming a farm for someone else) then your development should have gone something like this:

  • Upgrade your resources & build up your barracks.
  • Start raiding inactive & abandoned villages with spear fighters.
  • Continued upgrading of resources pits.
  • Build up your stable & recruit cavalry. (A.K.A Amass a HUGE cavalry army)
  • Expand your farming points like mad
  • Boost resources.. when you've reached a critical point, race for academy (making workshop along the way).
Now, I'll elaborate: At this point you'll be getting excessive resources. The point of this strategy is that you now start to mass an army like crazy. Building an army takes time, lots of time. If your barracks/stable/workshop aren't working round the clock at this point, you are being inefficient and doing something wrong!