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Nobling Guide

This is a guide on nobbling your first victim I made, hope you like it.

First off, let it be stated that it takes 1 coin to build your first nobleman, 1 attack containing any amount of nobles(so only send 1 at a time) will lower the loyalty from 20-35. It starts at 100 and once it is 0 or lower, you take the village. Every village you take, you lose a nobleman and you must mint more coins for more nobles. If you kill your nobleman, you may re spawn it at only the cost of a nobleman and you wont have to mint more coins...more

1. Getting started

Ahem, Welcome to tribal wars, isn’t your new little village looking nice? It would also look nice in someone else hands to. So its time to enter the World of Tribal Wars. Now you have to understand this is a war game, its not build a nice village and decorate it with pretty shiny things and work towards world peace, Its wait till your enemy is asleep and ram about 5 nobles up his ass, and make his village a addition to your collection. You are going to want to fend of all attacks, and while administering your own. So I’m going to show you how to do that effectively...more

2. ----Taking Your First Village----

Ok so you have your level 30 res spots, and your ready to take advantage of some n00b.

Now build spearmen constantly, your going to want about 2500 of them, it might be a good idea to get your barracks up to level 15 too. So while there building, start building your HQ to Level 20, Your market to Level 10 and your Smithy to Level 20 (requirements for smithy are on help page). Once you have about 2500 spearmen, quickly build a stable and upgrade a few levels, so you can build scouts and Light cavalry, and a workshop level one. Now you have all the structures you need to start building your army gets back to building what you need for noblemen...more


Infantry Units:
Spear fighter
Basic Info :
Spear fighter is the most basic unit. It is good in defending against cavalry and to start plundering other villages.

Costs per unit: 50 wood,30 clay,10 iron
Speed: 18 mi...

Calvalry Units:
Basic Info:
The scout creeps into your enemies' villages to get valuable information

Costs per unit: 50 wood, 50 clay, 20 iron
Villagers neede...more