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Special Units (Paladins & Noblemen)


Basic Info:
The precious paladin protects your and your allies' villages from enemy attacks. Each player may only have one paladin.

Costs per unit: 20 wood, 20 clay, 40 iron
Villagers needed: 10
Speed: 10 minutes per field
Carrying capacity: 100

Offensive strength: 150
General Defense: 250
Cavalry Defense: 400
Defense Archer: 150

Research costs: Unit available without research


Basic Info:
A nobleman will reduce the loyalty of your enemies' villages. If its loyalty falls under 0 you conquer that village. The costs for each nobleman increase with every conquered village and every nobleman that is available or in production.

Costs per unit: 40,000 wood, 50,000 clay, 50,000 iron
Villagers needed: 100
Speed: 35 minutes per field
Carrying capacity: 0

Offensive strength: 30
General Defense: 100
Cavalry Defense: 50
Defense Archer: 100

Requirements to research: Village Headquaters (Level 20) and Smithy (Level 20) and Market (Level 10)