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Offline Dodging Guide

I thought I would post my "Offline Dodging Guide" here as it's very important for early world use.

I made this a while back. Isn't too complicated. Simple and effective. I have experienced, in several worlds on a number of occasions people telling me they have been attacked/cleared overnight/whilst offline which some people quit over.

As a leader, for obvious safety reasons I don't let everyone sit me and most of the time have to use this tactic. I would advise doing the following until somebody in your 15x15 has an academy or someone in your 7x7 has Cats(Hard to tell).

Every night, providing you can't get an account sitter, calculate how long your going to be away for before you come back online for 1-2 hours. For example, lets say it's 17:00 Real Life time. I'm going to be away for 7 hours. Therefore I want my troops to return for 00:00 Real Life time. What you do is divide the time by 2. So 7 hours divided by 2 = 3 1/2 hours. You then go on your map and look for an abandoned/below 100 point village which is roughly 3 1/2 hours away.

Send it off and your troops will be safe. I would also advise having a level 10 hiding place.


- You don't lose none of your troops.
- If you're full offense/very little defense it's even a bigger advantage.
- You get to constantly see the enemies troop count and keep regular track of his growth rate without losing troops.


- Enemy hauls your resources(what's left after level 10 HP + HQ, Rax & Stables in que)
- Sees your building levels

Note: To make the enemies life worse, increase your wall so he looses a few troops when attacking. Put your HQ fully in que before going. This will make his losses not worth his gains.

In my honest opinion the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages by far which is the main purpose of this tactic.