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Nobling your first Victim

This is a guide on nobbling your first victim I made, hope you like it.

First off, let it be stated that it takes 1 coin to build your first nobleman, 1 attack containing any amount of nobles(so only send 1 at a time) will lower the loyalty from 20-35. It starts at 100 and once it is 0 or lower, you take the village. Every village you take, you lose a nobleman and you must mint more coins for more nobles. If you kill your nobleman, you may re spawn it at only the cost of a nobleman and you wont have to mint more coins.

Now, lets get on with it.

While you are growing, constantly be building troops, your first village should contain at least 1k spear 1ksword 500-1kaxe,300-500 scouts and roughly 300-500 light calv, 100-200rams and about 15-25 cats by the time your ready to noble.
Honestly, I'm an experienced player and fast grower so all my first villages have had large amounts of pure offense, for advanced players only!.

When your choosing your target, watch those around you, if they have started almost at the same time you have yet they have a lot more points in their village, chances are that they are low on points. Also, if you notice that a player has just taken their first village of about 3k or up points chances are they are also very low on points.

When you attack, send your nobleman first in an attack of your nobleman and a hundred or so soldiers, then send your main clearing attack second so that it still arrives first but only at a closer interval. If you attack with catapults, make sure you take out the rally point in case he or she dodges the main attack and goes to call the troops back to defend, he or she cant because there is no rally point. Only attack this way if you have previously scouted the village and the player has not dodged the scout attack. To assist you in timing your attacks try the attack planner.

What I am going for here is this, NOBLE BIG! Go big or go home, your first nobled village means a lot, if its big then you will pick up momentum fast, if its small then you will grow slow!

What do I mean by big or small?
Here is a scale-
3000point+ village-Prime target! Go for these, chances are they have academies, and large resource buildings.

2500point+ village-OK, not the best but can be battle ready in less then a week.

2000point+ village-NO!, unless its a bonus village surrounded by players you cant(or aren't allowed) to take down don't even think about it, its dead weight

under2000points-I will laugh at you, just ignore them, only under very rare circumstances should they ever be nobled.

Now by nobling a large target you will have the following benefits-
1.Most likely have an academy and well established buildings to begin constructing troops faster and minting coins faster.

2.You will be taking out competition.

3.You will strike fear into enemies hearts and gain respect amongst your tribe.

Now by nobling a small village, these are the set backs-
1.No academy, building your next nobleman will be a long and annoying process.

2.You will not be able to construct troops that fast.

3.Will take you much longer to grow.

Tips on choosing your perfect target-

~Build a decent number of scouts and scout around for that point whore with few troops, if found pounce on him immediately.

~Look for players who have recently taken a village, they will have lost troops in their attack and wont have any nobleman to counter with.

~Support barbarian villages around your wanted target so that when he farms it, he will lose a portion of his troops(also known as village spiking)

~Don't wait to build 4 nobles on your first victim, that takes up to much time.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So to recap, build up troops, scout around for near by villages with 3k points and up, and attack aggressively, once you have taken the village, support it.