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Guide to Farming


Firstly I am sure there is some that farm at the moment, though from the people I have spoke to, not that many do it as part of their daily exercise. Why not? Mainly because it's boring repetitive and if you don't have the right systems in place it's very difficult to do.

What I aim to do is to educate you to farming; how to do it not just so you gain resources but you also make best use of your time and troops.

For those of you which perhaps think what's the point? Let's put it this way, currently I have around 70-80 nobles sat in my villages, I can educate a further 147, and my resource levels are all generally on 29 not 30 thus saving myself population and creating more troops, I can gather enough resources in around two 30 minutes sessions of farming a day.

Right so let's get down to it. Firstly I should say you cannot set up all your farms in one day, if you think you can you're a lunatic, setting up 10-20 a day will see you have all your farms set up in month, it is the set up that takes the most time, not the farming. So much so I actually make it part of my routine when ennobling a new village to find a farm nearby.

The entire process is broken down into steps.

Scouting the Farms

First things first we need to scout the farms, there is no point sending troops at them if we don't know what is in there, also if resource levels are low in the village you could perhaps use the troops from your gathering village on 2 farms instead of just one.

So each village that you have, send 4 scouts to a barb nearby, remember it's from each village not using your scout village to scout a ton of barbs.

Next you're going to have a ton of scouting reports from your new farms; you need to create a folder in your report box this is where the 1 scout unit reports are going to go. They are going to go in there and stay in there. Mine is called Farm Perm Scout 1 Link, though call it what you like so you know not to touch it.

Next you’re going to go to the bottom of the report, at the bottom you have ‘attack again with the same troops’ and ‘attack again with all troops’ you need to copy the link for the ‘attack again with the same troops’ to copy it you right click it, in opera it says ‘copy link address’ it should be something similar in Firefox.

Next look at the top of your browser page, 4th option in on Opera it says ‘Bookmarks’ click it and then click ‘Manage Bookmarks’ you will be faced with what is a white page with a column on the left hand side and most likely for most of you nothing on the right. Above the left hand column there is a symbol which says ‘Add’ a new window will appear, click ‘New folder’ another pop up box will appear, give it a name, mine is called farming scouts, then click ‘OK’ at the bottom. That creates the folder. Now highlight the newly created folder in the left hand column, click add again ignore the name at the top, in the address field paste your link for your 1 scout on the barb, and click ‘OK’ again. You have added one link to scout the barb again, repeat adding the addresses into the folder until you have done the reports. I would recommend that you limit the number of links to reports to around 50 or so just for the sake of speed with your browser loading them later.

Do not delete your reports ever for the 1 scout at your farms, keep them in that folder forever and do not delete them if you do, then you will lose the bookmark as it will not work anymore.

The reason for doing this is that you're going to scout your farms everyday with 4 scouts, this is the quickest way of doing it, to re-scout the barbs all you do is click ‘Bookmarks’ right click the folder containing all your links and select ‘Open in new Tab’ this will load all 50 attacks to go again in tabs on your browser you just happily go through them clicking ‘OK’ to send all the attacks.

When you get your reports back from scouting your farms move them to another folder that you create, I have mine called Farm Temp as the reports are only in there temporarily.

Congratulations that is the biggest pain in the butt part of setting yourself up.

Using the scout reports

Right so we have scouted the barbs, we know what is in them we want to get our hands on those resources as efficiently as possible. For this we are going to use a script, install this on your quick bar:

The Script

javascript:function e(){var n='fnScoutReportEvaluator',s='';var a=(window.frames.length>0)?window.main:window;function c(m){a.document.body.appendChild(a.document.createTextNode(m));a.document.body.appendChild(a.document.createElement('br'));}if(a.document.getElementById(n)==null){c("Creating script entry in doc head...");var A=a.document.createElement('script');;A.type='text/javascript';A.src=s;a.document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(A);setTimeout(e,500);return;}if(typeof(a.fnScoutReportEvaluator)=='undefined'){c("Loading script...");setTimeout(e,200);return 0;}c("Loaded");eval("a.fnScoutReportEvaluator(true,4000,180,0,false,10)");}e();

Thats it; tiny little script does a lot for you, it carries out one of 5 actions every time you click it:

1. When used on a report - write a cookie and open a new rally point window
2. When used on the rally point - fill in values
3. When used on the rally point with no coords filled in (i.e after sending the attack) - close the window.
4. When used on a scout report - where the cookie matches the report (i.e second click on the report) then go to the next report (using the << link).
5. When used on the report overview... check all the empty reports - so they can be deleted or moved.

So to use it you go to your temporary scout folder, open the first report (though for some reason it prefers going backwards) with the report opened, click your script you installed on the quick bar, as I said above it will do one of 5 things for you, seeing as it's the first time you have used it, when you click it the script will open a new window or tab depending on your browser settings taking you to the rally point, click the script again, and it will fill out the troop numbers that you need to send to empty the village and the coords. Click ‘Attack’ and then ‘OK’, close the tab or window and your back to your reports click the script again on the report and it will move to the next one. Click the script and it will do the same thing again opening a new window or tab. Do this until you have gone through all your reports in the temporary folder, then delete them.

Sit back and watch lots and lots of resources come in. Do this twice a day like I do your farms will not only be constantly empty but it will take in total over both sessions a half hour of your time, if you don't want to do that much farming just set up less farms, or do it once a day or every 2 days, it's up to you, though do farm the resources are worth it.

Keeping your Barbs Ugly

Final stage and this is entirely up to yourself if you want to do this, is keeping your barbs ugly. Nearly all of us have cat villages so the script below when run on a scout report (remember you've got plenty of them), will look at the building levels and put the appropriate number of cats to destroy the building, it will also prompt you with what building you should destroy in red writing above your rally point troop boxes.

Doing this will keep your farms ugly as hell, and nobody will want to touch them.

The script:
javascript:sameVillage=true;var buildings=new Array("Village Headquarters","Barracks","Stable","Workshop","Academy","Smithy","Rally Point","Statue","Market","Farm","Wall");var doc=(window.frames.length>0)?window.main.document:document;function report(){theCookieStuff="";for(i=0;i<buildings.length;i++){var c=buildingLevel(buildings);if(c!=0)theCookieStuff+=c+","+buildings+"|"}function getLink(a){var b=doc.getElement("th:contains('"+a+"')").getParent("table").getElement("td:contains('Village:')").getNext();return b}document.cookie="Building_Levels="+theCookieStuff+"!"+getLink("Defender:").innerHTML.match(/\d+\|\d+/);if(sameVillage)villageId=getLink("Attacker:").getElement("a").href.match(/id=(\d+)/)[1];else villageId=getLink("Attacker:").getElement("a").href.match(/village=(\d+)/)[1];"village="+villageId+"&screen=place"}function rallyPoint(){var a=new Array(0,2,6,10,15,21,28,36,45,56,68,82,98,115,136,159,185,215,248,286,328,376,430,490,558,634,720,815,922,1041,1175);var b=getCookie("Building_Levels");var c=b[0].split(",")[1];var d=a[parseInt(b.shift(),10)];var e=doc.cookie.match('(^|;) ?Building_Levels=([^;]*)(;|$)')[2].split("!")[1].match(/\d+\|\d+/);document.cookie="Building_Levels="+b.join("|")+"!"+e[0]+","+c;var f=doc.forms[0].catapult.getNext().innerHTML.match(/\d+/);if(c==("Village Headquarters"||"Farm")&&d==2)rallyPoint();else{if(d>f){alert(d+" Catapults are needed to demoilsh the "+c+".\nYou have "+f);d=f}if(!c){alert("All buildings are now demolished.");\d+/)+"&screen=report"}else{doc.getElement("h3:contains('commands')").innerHTML="Give commands<br /><div style=\"color:red; font-size:large\">"+c+"</div>";doc.forms[0].catapult.value=d;doc.forms[0].catapult.focus();doc.forms[0].x.value=e[0].split("|")[0];doc.forms[0].y.value=e[0].split("|")[1]}}}function confirmationScreen(){var a=doc.cookie.match('(^|;) ?Building_Levels=([^;]*)(;|$)')[2];var b=a.split("!")[1].split(",")[1];select=doc.getElementsByTagName("select");option=doc.getElementsByTagName("option");for(x=0;x<option.length;x++){if(select[0].options[x].innerHTML.match(b,"i"))select[0].options[x].selected=true}document.cookie="Building_Levels="+a.replace(","+b,"")}function buildingLevel(a){var b=typeof(doc.body.innerText)=='undefined'?doc.body.textContent:doc.body.innerText;var c=new RegExp(a+" \\(Level (\\d+)","i");var d=b.match(c);if(d)return d[1];else return 0}function getCookie(a){var b=doc.cookie.match('(^|;) ?'+a+'=([^;]*)(;|$)');b=unescape(b[2]).split("!");return b[0].split("|")}if(doc.URL.match(/report/))report();else if(doc.URL.match(/try=confirm/))confirmationScreen();else if(getCookie("Building_Levels")&&doc.URL.match(/place/))rallyPoint();else\d+/)+"&screen=report";