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Defensive Configuration

Remember, that after gaining all these troop numbers, it is best if you get the rest of the farm space with scouts as then if you get scouted, send your troops out and leave the scouts inside the village. This will allow you to kill a good amount of enemy scouts so they don't see the troops outside the village.

10,000 swords
10,000 archers
This is a very good setup as people rarely ever attack with loads of MA, and so this setup is effective against nearly every attack, espically against noble trains because people don't normally scout before noble trains. However if your offline for around 10-12 hours and someone scouts you just when you go offline then by the time you get online there could be enough MA to do some serious damage.

8,000 spears
2,000 heavy cavalry
This def is fairly good, because it can generally counter against everything they attack with, and most importantly it only takes like 13-14 days to build, plus you can support other villages quickly.

4,000 spears
4,000 swords
2,000 heavy calvary
This one is almost the same as the one above, except due to the 4k swords it is more effective but takes 3-4 days longer to build.

7,500 swords
7,500 spears
5,000 archers
This one is the most effective village setup you can have - EVER. However it takes ages to build (I think it was between 40-70 days) so I prefer to stay away from it.

But if theres a church in the village:
7,500 swords
7,500 spears
This village allows space for an extra 5000 population, which is good for churches, espically if i now back this village up with some Heavy Cav.

3,260 Heavy Cav
This basically maxes the population with heavy cav but you can support people quickly. If I have 5-6 villages with this setup that are all surrounded by nothing but blue, so aren't really gonna do much, this is the best setup to have because you can send all your heavy cav to someone as support, and you can leave your village defenseless due to it being surrounded by a sea of blue.

10,000 swords
10,000 spears
This again takes ages to make around 30-60 days, is one of the best defensive set-ups, this doesn't have any archers though, just spears and swords, which in archer worlds can prove bad.

Offensive Villages:
6,000 axes
3,000 Light Cavalary
300 rams
This village is for villages which are very heavy in Swords.

6,000 axes
3,000 Mounted Archers
300 rams
This village is for villages which are very heavy in archers. I often send this attack first, and then 3,000 LC attack, followed by either of the first two below this one.

8,000 axes
2,000 Light Cav
500 Mounted Archers
300 rams
This was my first ever offensive village setup, it takes a while to build but it has a good combo of archers and LC. I send this one after the Light Cavalry as it'll obliterate everything near, and so is great to send with nobles.

6,000 axes
2,000 Light Cav
300 rams
This is quick to build and if i have 2 villages with this, except maybe change LC for MA it'd take down all defense, and in 10 days i'll be able to attack another fully built village again. I send this one after the Light Calvary ebcause it will obliterate everything, and due to quick build speed i may be able to send 2 of these, split in half (so 4 attacks in total) as a noble train.

4,000 axes
1,500 Light Cav
2500 Rams
This is a cannon Fodder Village, later on in the game when we're in full scale wars, often all enemy frontline villages will have like 20k swords and 20k spears. So this village will simply destory the wall almost completely no matter the defense, which will then mean that I can send the above attacks. It is designed to be a suicidal attack as once i send this force, the village is open for attacks with no wall.

Scouting Village:
10,000 Scouts
This can be fairly effective, espically in wars when you have the tribal support, because you will be very useful to your tribe then. However if someone finds out you have 10k scouts there, then you've lost the village. Simple