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Beginners Guide [7]

simple research worlds
just follow the guide as normal

3-level research worlds
decision is part of this and you determine what to upgrade research level or not to research at all. I strongly urge you to upgrade scouts to level 3 though.

classic/10-level system
since there is no limit to the research so just upgrade as you go and upgrade your scouts to level 3 and upgrade your axemen and light cavalry first

0-250 points
at this point, I would just build up your resource camps up to 9 (timber and clay) and 8 (iron) and get you warehouse and farm to level 3. then get HQ to 3 and build barracks

if your on the right world build your statue and make a paladin

after that build you HQ up to 5 and make smithy

get smithy to level 2 and then research axemen

while you are doing this build up spearmen and start attacking nearby barbarian villages to steal their resources (just make sure you send at least 10 or so or else they will die. if you have your paladin send him along and he'll get some more resources)

250-500 points
get your smithy and barracks to level 5 and your HQ to 10 to make a stable

after that research scouts. these are the fastest units in the game. send them along with your spears when you attack and you will see how many resources there are left in the village and even the level of their buildings

upgrade the stable to level 3 and research light cavalry

now instead of spearmen send light cavalry to the barbarian villages so it will get there nearly twice as fast and you can carry more resources

keep building your resources until they're at roughly level 13 each. if you have excess:

  • wood:
    • build up your clay pit
    • build spears
  • clay:
    • build up your wall
    • build your timber camp
  • iron:
    • build swordsmen
    • build light cavalry
if your resources are even, build up your iron mine

once you get about 400 points, work towards a 1:1 ratio

a 1:1 ratio is when your total # of troops is equal (or greater than) your points

in the 'help' you can see how many points upgrading something will give you and how many troops you need to keep your 1:1 ratio thanks to that

eventually you may want to research archers (if they are available)

pros of an archer:

  • they have good cavalry and infantry defense
  • they are faster than a swordsman meaning you can get infantry defense to a village quicker when you support them
  • it takes one archer attacking to defeat 3 archers defending meaning you can smash through the pros for an enemy village though this can work against you as well
cons of an archer:

  • cost a lot of resources
  • have low attack power meaning you cant raid a village very well with them against units other than other archers
  • they have a huge weakness: the other archer unit which I will introduce in 750-1000 points
  • ironically have the lowest archer defense of any unit in the game!
remember to upgrade you farm as you go so you wont find yourself only able to recruit 5 scouts when you want to have 50

500-750 points
by now, you probably will find that barbarian villages cant support enough resources to make the resources worth it when you attack, so now you should probably start farming people who have less than half your points

but maybe your troops are dying so much that you aren't getting your much-needed resources? here's how you take walls our of the equation: rams

in order to get rams, you need to upgrade your smithy to level 10 and then build the workshop, and finally research rams

rams cost 300 wood and 200 clay and iron each

rams move incredibly slow compared to almost any other unit and don't carry anything, so what's the use? rams lower the wall's level and eventually destroy it

so, let's say that you are trying to demolish it but it isnt a barbarian so they keep building up a wall between the times you attack them... now what?

the other unit in the workshop is catapults, and they have a similar purpose as rams do, and that is to lower the level of buildings at the cost of speed

for the catapults you need to upgrade the workshop to level 2 and smithy to level 12. research them, and you can build them for 320 wood, 400 clay and 100 iron. when you attack with catapults you select what building to target (other than the hiding place) In this case we will target the barracks because you cannot build or upgrade you wall if you have no barracks!

remember that catapults and rams take a lot of villagers so to keep upgrading your farm, resources, and warehouse!

right now you may have trouble keeping so may troops in your village to keep a 1:1. keep building up spears and swords and axes in a 1:1:1

keep farming with you paladin along, for he will not hinder your speed at all and he gets you 30 ish more of each resource. some worlds will also give your paladin "weapons". These weapons do not increase the paladin's attack at all, so what is the point? they increase the stats of other troops and some ones increase more than others

as promised earlier, I will introduce the other type of attacking archer: mounted archers

to research mounted archers you need a level 5 stable and a few thousand of each resource, which shouldnt be an issue if you are building up your resources like you should.

mounted archers are a more offensive and less defensive than the normal archers.

pros of a mounted archer:

  • it takes a whopping 24 archers just to kill one mounted archer because of a mounted archer's high attack and a normal archer's low archer defense
  • since most things have their lowest defense against archers these can be devastating in nukes and are the most efficient unit in killing an enemy paladin
  • they defend against enemy (normal) archers fairly well
cons of a mounted archer:

  • has fairly low overall defense and it takes roughly three mounted archers defending to defeat a mounted archer attacking
  • takes a lot of villagers to make but comparing the stats and cost of a normal archers its kind of evens itself out

if you plan to clear a village, then it will be necessary to build some mounted archers to defeat any of those annoying archers on walls

remember to keep upgrading your farm, warehouse, resource pits, and now wall and market

if you need to build things quicker upgrading the HQ will help you do that

1000-1250 points
by now you probably have a good army, reasonable amount of troops to keep you defended, and may have built seige units already. you may be wondering why you need all these troops, so keep building up your pits while you read this!

these troops are exactly how you attack and defend in the game. chances are at some point in time your tribe will go to war and you will be required to attack them or support a tribemate. if you have to attack them, always scout them first. an easy way is to send a fake scouting attack for it. it takes twice as long to get there, but there's a good chance it will work

to send the scouting fake you send a small amount of scouts (5-10 depending on how badly you need the report) and you send exactly 1 axeman with it. you are probably wondering why you send the 1 axemen along with it and not all your axemen. the reason why is hopefully they will think your attack will be filled with a bunch of axemen, light cavalry, and mounted archers if they are in your world. they will hopefully dodge the attack (I will expalin dodging in the next paragraph) and give you the scout report for free! you will also see the troops they dodged with provided that (if possible on the game world) you researched scouts at level 3 or higher

to dodge an attack, you send all your troops as support to a barbarian village before the attack comes. go to your hiding place and you will see your "plunderable resources". send this many (and some extra) resources to the barbarian village, but wait until about a half a minute befor the attack to send them. after the attack hits cancel the resource shipment and call your troops back. if successful, the attack should have killed zero troops and they should have stolen no resources! if you couldn't send enough resources, upgrade your market

If you have to support them its as easy as sending defensive troops to a tribemate's village with the support button

keep up that 1:1 ratio and keep your resources, farm, and ware house up while you go!

1250-1500 points
so you've learned some war plans, you have got a very high amount of troops and are farming likecrazy. now what? build up your resource pits up to level 30 as well as your farm ware house and then eventually HQ to level 20.

make sure you build to stay at you 1:1 ratio and farm very much!

1250-1500 keep upgrading and keeping your 1:1 ratio and I will introduce another troop type: the heavy cavalry

pros of heavy cavalry:

  • high defensive strength
  • highest archer defense of any other unit in the game
  • higher attack power than light cavalry

cons of a heavy cavalry:

  • takes more villagers than any other stable unit
  • takes a huge amount if iron - second highest iron intake of any unit in the game
  • slowest cavalry unit, but still fast enough it doesn't make too much of a difference
keep going and check the other guides for advice past 1500 points. remember to keep your 1:1 ratio in your village and to make resources your priority