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Beginners Guide [5]

Make sure your resource buildings are large enough. Iron should be 2 levels below wood and clay. Resources are the sole most important thing in the beginning.

Barracks and Market
Once your village headquarters is large enough, build barracks and a market. You don't have to be militarily strong to be a trader. But you must have resources to be militarily strong. Make sure to upgrade your village hq to keep times down.

Getting Bigger
You should be building Spearmen by now. Spearmen are good units for raiding small villages. Later in the game they defend against cavalry (Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry). Good targets are barbarian/bonus villages and players who never log in (they will eventually become abandoned).

You should find a tribe now. It's hard to advance without friends and allies. Part of Tribal Wars is teamwork, it's Tribal Wars.

If your world does not support Paladins, disregard the following. You don't need to get a Paladin. It all depends on the situation. Here are the two reasons why (or why not to) get a Paladin.

Farming Paladins are good for farming because they have equal speed to l. cav. (the fastest unit) and even more carrying capacity.

Defense While the change is small, a paladin can increase defensive strength and, when you have multiple villages, be stationed at any one of your statues.

Support When you send your Paladin with support, all the other support troops will move at the same speed. That can give an advantage during emergencies.

You will definitely need to research these. They are very basic defensive units and are very useful whilst defending against infantry (spear, sword, axe). (And what people don't know is that their Offensive Strength isn't that bad either.)

You should research them. Axemen are good offensive units. Spears and Light cavalry are better at farming, but axes have more offensive strength when assaulting other villages.

Contrary to what people say, Archers aren't that bad. They're good against attacks of infantry and cavalry, but bad if the person attacking uses Mounted Archers or just regular Archers. (But who in their right mind uses regular archers in an attack?)

500-Point Village Overview By the time you are at 500 points, your village should look like this:

  • Village Headquarters (Level 5)
  • Barracks (Level 1)
  • Rally point (Level 1)
  • Market (Level 2)
  • Timber camp (Level 17)
  • Clay pit (Level 17)
  • Iron mine (Level 14)
  • Farm (depends on troops and buildings)
  • Warehouse (depends on resources)
  • And if you are in a place with many threats:
    • Hiding place (depends on threats)
    • Statue (Level 1)
    • Wall (depends on threats)
600-1000 Points
You should build a Stable around this time. Scouts can help you determine ideal farming targets. Be careful, though. Most people consider scouting an act of war. (It also goes both ways. I made the mistake of making a big deal of someone scouting me.)

L. cav.
Next, research Light cavalry. They are best for farming because of their capacity and speed. They can also be used in assaults alongside axes.

Mounted Archers
Mounted archers are good if your enemy has a lot of defensve units. They also have a good offensive strength. I'd say to use them to support the main units.

H. cav.
Heavy cavalry are good all-around untis, but are a bit better in defense. They're effective against axes.

Conquering a Village If you don't know yet, here is the basic run through.

  1. The loyalty of a village starts at 100. (Loyalty is not shown on the village overview unless it's below 100).
  2. Noblemen lower loyalty by a random number from 20-35. (The Paladin item Vasco's Schepter guarentees that loyalty will be lowered by 30 each time.)
  3. Once loyalty is below 0, the village is conquered. The nobleman conquering it cannot be used again. Loyalty goes back to 25.
  4. Loyalty goes up by 2 ever hour if loyalty is below 100.
Noble Trains
This tactic involves attacks within seconds of each other. It helps if you have multiple windows open with troop amounts and coordinates already typed in. Here are the attacks in order:

    Clearing wave best to send troops with Rams and Catapults and destroy the Rally Point (to avoid Dodging and Sniping).
  1. Noble 1 - should be within 4 minutes to 10 seconds after the Clearing Wave. Lowers Loyalty by 20-30.
  2. Noble 2 - should be within 1 second of Noble 1. Lowers Loyalty by 20-30.
  3. Noble 3 - should be within 1 second of Noble 2. Lowers Loyalty by 20-30.
  4. Noble 4 - should be within 1 second of Noble 3. Lowers to below 0 and conquors the village.
  5. Support - should arrive any time after Noble 4. It gives your new village some defenses for the time being.