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Beginners Guide [3]

0-500 Points
Firstly, you should upgrade your Village HQ to level 3 so you can build your Barracks. Next, build your Wall to level 5. This should defend you from attacks in your area. After you have upgraded your wall, build at least 50 spear fighters for extra defense. When you have built your spear fighters, you should focus on upgrading your resources to at least level 15.

500-1000 Points
Once you have 500 points, upgrade your farm to level 8 and you won't have to worry about not having enough villagers for a while. After the upgrading is done, upgrade your village headquarters to level 5 and build your smithy. Once you have your smithy, research swordsmen. Swordsmen are very good as defensive units. Build about 100-150 of them and 50 more spears. Once your soldiers are done being trained, you are ready for your first attack. If there are any abandoned villages near you, start by attacking them. Before you go off attacking people, send one troop to that village. If he dies, build your army a little bit more, then attack him. If your one troop comes back alive, send everything you have to this village and attack him. This is a great way to get resources. After you are satisfied with your resources, upgrade your wall to level 10. 

1000-1500 Points
Once you have 1000 points, you should probably be the strongest person in your area. This is the time for building more troops. Upgrade your barracks to level 5. After this, construct your stable and research scouts. Scouts are extremely useful when you want to attack stronger players. If scout attack is successful, (all spies come back) you will see how many of your enemy's troops are in his village, and how many resources he has. Upgrade your stable to level 3, then research light cavalry in the smithy. Light cavalry is a great unit to attack far away enemies with, considering they are quite strong and very quick when traveling across fields. After you have researched scouts and light cavalry, recruit at least 10 scouts and at least 20 light cavalry. To make things easier later in the game, upgrade your resources to level 20 each.

1500-2000 Points
When you have reached 1500 points, you should be attacking people a lot. Like I said before, it is the best way to get resources. You should start upgrading your smithy to level 15. The best way to do this is attacking nearby people and getting their resources. Once it is level 10, upgrade your resources to level 23 each. This should give you LOADS of resources. It might take a while to upgrade everything to the levels I'm telling you to, but it will be worth it. When everything is upgraded, build a lot more troops. Make sure you have at least 1000 spear fighters, 250 swordsmen, 100 scouts, 200 light cavalry and research axemen. Axemen are very powerful when attacking, so make at least 250 of them. Keep attacking people every time you log on and upgrade stable to level 10.

2000-2500 Points
Once you have made it this far, things seem to happen very slowly. Upgrading should take several hours per upgrade and getting the resources to actually upgrade them should take even longer. By now, your warehouse should be level 18. Your farm should be level 15. After that is done, upgrade your village hq to level 20. Doing your village hq first will reduce the amount of time it will take to upgrade the other buildings. At this point, your main focus should be working on getting a level 20 smithy. It will take a loooooong time to get it, but it will reach level 20 eventually. Once you have it, work on your market. By this point, your market should at least be constructed. Now you are gonna work on getting it to level 10. It isn't that hard to upgrade your market. It also isn't super hard to get this. Once you have that done, give yourself a pat on the back because you can now construct an academy to educate nobleman! If you have level 23 resources, and you keep attacking people, it should take about 2 days to get the resources to construct an academy. Once you have the resources, build the academy!

2500-3000 Points
By now, you should have an academy. If you do, your main goal is to get a nobleman. To educate one, it requires many resources but if you made it this far, just keep doing what you've been doing! Before you know it, you will have a nobleman! I know you probably want to take over 10 different villages, but before you do, let me tell you what to do with nobleman. Never, ever send JUST a nobleman. If you only send a nobleman, he WILL die. Send troops with him. They will act as body guards. It also takes more than one attack to conquer a village! Villages have loyalty. Loyalty starts at 100% but as you keep attacking with your nobleman, loyalty will fall. Once loyalty falls below zero, you have conquered the village! But be careful, once you conquer the village, your noblemen becomes the king, so he cannot conquer any other villages. Remember this when picking which village to noble. ( If you want to conquer villages faster, your paladin should wield Vasco's Scepter. It gives your nobleman the ability to lower the loyalty by at least 30. It also raises the fighting power by 30% offensively and by 20% defensively. - In select worlds. )

3000+ Points
If you have made it this far without quitting or being nobled, congrats! Believe it or not, it takes a lot of time and effort to make it this far and if you are here now, you are really a good player at Tribal Wars. Now that you can noble villages and do whatever you want, feel free to upgrade whatever you want!

Here are a few suggestions of mine that I think will help you.

1. Build a workshop. Catapults really help when attacking a village that you want to use as a farm.

2. Join or make a tribe. It's hard to be by yourself in this game, so start a tribe and invite people near you. If making your own tribe isn't going so well, join one that is already large and powerful.

3. Sometimes a player,(warehouse holding somewhere between 8-12k)will need to farm resources but have no safe or good farm. When you seem to be stuck in the situations,the best thing to do is send out small amounts of troops( 50/50/50 in a order of spears/swords/axeman) to 10 or more abandoned villages around him. Each attack gives you appx. 850 of each resource,more or less depending on points,though it is certain any village over 50 points should be good,and 850 x 10 = 8500 of each resource! And if you can manage 20 attacks... 20 x 850 = 17,000!!!