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2. ----Taking Your First Village----

Ok so you have your level 30 res spots, and your ready to take advantage of some n00b.

Now build spearmen constantly, your going to want about 2500 of them, it might be a good idea to get your barracks up to level 15 too. So while there building, start building your HQ to Level 20, Your market to Level 10 and your Smithy to Level 20 (requirements for smithy are on help page). Once you have about 2500 spearmen, quickly build a stable and upgrade a few levels, so you can build scouts and Light cavalry, and a workshop level one. Now you have all the structures you need to start building your army gets back to building what you need for noblemen.

Now slowly start building axemen, your going to want a lot of them 1k is a good starting army, so work towards that, but at the same time you want to be building a few rams, and LC, now this is going to be tricky to balance your Res and building but make sure you keep raiding to provide that little extra and ALWAYS make sure you building up your HQ Market and Smithy, And then be using all spare Res to build up your army, now this might take some time too but its the way it needs to be. Also do a little research on rams LC and axemen just to level 2 will do. Now time for some tactics.

Picking a village.

Ok here are a few rules to picking your first village to take.

Don’t attack someone with more points than you.
Don’t attack an ally or NAP
don’t attack someone in a large clan.

You want to pick someone who is in a small clan and away from his friends. And you want him to have about 1k fewer points than you, you don’t want it backfiring. Don’t scout yet, you will want to catch him off guard.

ALSO this is a little obvious but don’t pick someone miles away from you. Pick someone close very close.

Now you should be ready for you’re for your attack, and you should have something like this.

Village Headquarters (Level 20)
Barracks (Level 15)
Stable (Level 5)
Workshop (Level 1)
Academy (Level 1)
Smithy (Level 20)
Rally point (Level 1)
Market (Level 1)
Timber camp (Level 30)
Clay pit (Level 30)
Iron mine (Level 30)
Farm (Level 20)
Warehouse (Level 20)
Hiding place (Level 1)
Wall (Level 15)

Units 2500 Spearmen
1500 Axemen
500 Light Cavalry
50 Rams
50 Scouts
1 Nobleman

You may notice you might want to upgrade some other things I haven’t mentioned just look at the village example there and try to work towards it.

Time for some Research. Now check the person out you want to attack, make sure he has less points, and is not in a large clan. The look at his profile, now I don’t want to seem harsh but try to find a younger player around 10-14, this is important, check their location, and try to work out when they will be asleep.

Now you’re ready, you need to hit him fast and without mercy. Remember we are not working towards world peace. Get him at night if you can, if not then don’t worry, Now scout first hopefully he wont have much but this is to be sure hopefully if you picked a N00b he wont have anything near a good balanced village, but always check with the combat simulator, (at the rally Point) to see if you will win, and always assume he has research and always add a few extra troops.

Now Send your main army (everything but spearmen), first NEVER send your noblemen in your first wave, unless your advanced, but keep your noble at base, once your attack has hit, and you are sure his wall has gone and his troops are destroyed, send attack with your noble in, now you could either send him with your spearmen or wait till your main army comes back and then send him with that, Never send him on his own, and always make sure you don’t send him in the first wave, losing a nobleman is not good. Keep up the attacks, and keep scouting to make sure, and try to take his villages as quickly as possible. Once you take a village, build up the wall and Spearfighters for defense. And then repeat Step 1.

CONGRATULATIONS you now have your second village, and you have a well balanced village, remember keep up your defense, and keep a good balanced amount of troops.