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1 - Getting Started

Ahem, Welcome to tribal wars, isn’t your new little village looking nice? It would also look nice in someone else hands to. So its time to enter the World of Tribal Wars. Now you have to understand this is a war game, its not build a nice village and decorate it with pretty shiny things and work towards world peace, Its wait till your enemy is asleep and ram about 5 nobles up his ass, and make his village a addition to your collection. You are going to want to fend of all attacks, and while administering your own. So I’m going to show you how to do that effectively.

Now, your nice new village is like a child, bring it up wrong, and it’s going to be driving your mad for the rest of your life. You have to take care on how to build things remember your going to be on the rim of the world, and others like you, and the way to do this is to have a clear advantage over every other village. This ensures you will have nobles first and will have an army before anyone else does.

So how do you start? Well your villages buildings Levels, will be varied depending on when you started playing, its likely there going to be around level 10 on your Res spots (Wood Yard, Clay Pit and Iron mine) Now the most important goal at the start of your villages life is to Get level 30 res spots, its not get a noblemen or build a large army, its get Level 30 res spots, once this has been achieved the rest is easy. So how do we do that? Well a small mixture of Raiding and spending a little time. Now you want instantly push your res spots to about level 16 on each of them, this will give you a nice basic income, and you’re still under protection. Now build that barracks, and remember if look on the help files it gives you the requirements for all buildings. Now once you have you barracks get it to level 5, this wont take long about 2 hours, once you have this done, build about 500 spearmen, and while there building start sending out groups of 50-100 spearmen to close abandoned in or inactive villages with less than 100 points, or the average starting points for your location. This is basic raiding or farming, and will provide a good extra resource for your village, now you might need to upgrade your Warehouse, and HQ to store more Res, or make building build much quicker, don’t upgrade your HQ past level 16 to start with, and your Warehouse past level 18, as that provides all you will need for the moment. Also upgrade your farm where necessary. Now you have these and are raiding you will probably be on about day 4-5 of your protection, now your small army of spearmen will give you good protection, and upgrading your wall to level 5-10 will also make good protection, and at the start its not likely you will be attacked, as everyone will be in the same position as you.

Now using all that above, continue pushing your res spots to level 30, with constant raids this wont be that hard but can take awhile but be patient, and build a few extra spear fighters if you wish. Now the best way to get level 30 mines is build like this, get them all to level 25 each and then just work on wood and clay as iron is not needed as much, once you get wood and clay to level 30 get iron to level 30. It’s a lot quicker this way trust me.

Now you should have a nice well balanced village which looks like this.

Village Headquarters (Level 15)
Barracks (Level 5)
Rally point (Level 1)
Market (Level 1)
Timber camp (Level 30)
Clay pit (Level 30)
Iron mine (Level 30)
Farm (Level 17)
Warehouse (Level 18)
Hiding place (Level 1)
Wall (Level 10)

Units ( between 500-1000)

Now you done the boring part and your village will have about 5k points so your doing very well, now a few people may have bigger villages, but you will fly up now.

2. Taking Your First Village